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Christmas Colour

 10 Christmas Colour ideas

Bringing you Christmas colour inspiration this section showcases ten of our unique Colour Boards coupled with decorations or wrapping paper. The colours and character of your home will influence the Christmas decor you choose, but styling can also work the other way round. The Christmas decorations you instinctively warm to could form the palette of a new project for your home. We hope these boards help you establish the colours and combinations you can really embrace.

CB greens 115 christmas.jpg

Sage Green

Two rich, sage greens from Farrow & Ball, combined with warm neutrals, provide us with the perfect palette for a Christmas setting. The pairing of a lighter and darker green presents us with a lovely contrast to then add lighting and texture.

SKU 115 

CB blues 146 christmas.jpg

Classic Blues

Three classic blues from Farrow & Ball bring an aged feel to this palette. The main blue, second from right, has a touch of black pigment running through giving it a subtle and muted feel. A stunning backdrop to your Christmas decorations.

SKU 146

CB au lait 151 christmas.jpg

New Neutral

One of Farrow & Ball's newest colours - Au Lait - is a soft, warm white - neither too yellow or too grey, so sits well within many different colour palettes. Here paired with timeless neutrals from Farrow & Ball's expansive signature collection.

SKU 151

CB little greene pink and blue green 110 christmas.jpg

Little Greene

One of our most popular colour palettes is this beautiful combination of Little Greene paints. These colours would bring an exciting contemporary look to your Christmas home. Look out for pink ribbon, with a touch of grey, to embrace the theme.

SKU 110

CB blues 184 christmas.jpg

Cool Blue

In this palette we have a combination of a cool grey blue and a deeper, more saturated blue - both from Farrow & Ball. The pairing works as they both have an underlying grey tone and would work perfectly with light blue Christmas decorations like these.

SKU 184

CB little greene greens 192 christmas.jpg

Muted Greens

Wonderful sage green tones from Little Greene, paired with warm grey/beige neutrals to create a muted, relaxed look. These subtle tones work well with understated Christmas decorations like natural greenery, wooden trinkets and rustic accessories.

SKU 192

CB greys 134 christmas.jpg


Greys need not be cold, as you can see from this palette of Farrow & Ball colours. These neutrals are soft, warm and are based on a Scandinavian palette. Add different textures like wood and ceramics, then Christmas greenery, to complete the look.

SKU 134

CB mochi 154 christmas.jpg

New Colour

A sumptuous new colour from Little Greene - Mochi - is a wonderfully muted and soft grey/pink which will work in many different spaces - both contemporary and traditional. Use with a darker red/grey accent and warm neutrals.

SKU 154

CB blues 137 christmas.jpg

Laid-Back Blues     

This mid tone blue is a relatively new colour from Farrow & Ball. It pairs effortlessly with the darker blue accent and warm beige/grey neutrals. A classic blue - suited to low light areas in the evening as the colours come through to create a cosy Christmas feel. 

SKU 137     

CB grey pinks 180 christmas.jpg

Grey Pinks

These subtle, muted pink/grey tones from Farrow & Ball are perfect for a cosy, restful space. Candles this colour create a soft, muted backdrop to your decor and will blend in with many different palettes. Use the darker purple black as a strong accent. 

SKU 180

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