Your Results

You may feel a bit daunted when making paint choices for your property.  Here, we wanted to share some examples of our recent work with clients and show how we were able to help them with their transformations.

These mood boards were created for a client looking to update six key rooms in her elegant Victorian house. She was very receptive to my ideas and we quickly established a process of colour choice by looking at colours she liked, and a mix of palettes suggested by me. We also explored a variety of furnishings for each room. Here are the boards I designed and some details about why we chose certain colours...

London client - Mrs I.A.


mood board landscape feature hallway IE.

Mrs A was looking for the "wow" factor here so we chose a dark blue for below the dado rail/doors/woodwork and a neutral for above. A pop of dusky pink on the stairs with brass/glass lighting and a circular gold mirror to break up the straight lines.

Living Room

mood board landscape feature living room

We both wanted a bright, welcoming room and Mrs A was one of my rare clients who liked my suggestion of yellow! This yellow is very subdued - with green undertones - so tied in well with the light blue as an accent colour and on the bookshelves.

Family Bathroom

mood board landscape feature bathroom IE

For the family bathroom I suggested a black and white scheme - with this gorgeous blue on the walls. I added a mix of plain white metro tiles and patterned tiles, together with traditional chrome fixtures. Hammam towels and textured wood complete the look.


mood board landscape feature en suite IE

Mrs A was quite clear that she wanted a luxurious dark green en-suite with gold fittings. We found a colour palette that worked and opted, again, for black and white floor tiles. Natural wood shelving and a pop of pink towels looked stunning.

Loft - Guest room

mood board landscape feature loft room I

When it came to  the loft design I felt we could create a more contemporary look so I suggested a palette of cool greys with an accent of mustard. A fabulous wallpaper for one of the straight walls and an en-suite with a mix of plain and patterned tiles.

Master Bedroom

mood board landscape feature master bed

As with her en-suite Mrs A liked the idea of olive green, this time on her fitted wardrobes. I suggested a neutral for the walls and a soft pink accent to complete the look. This combination was both strong, soft and, above all, a grown up retreat.