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It may feel a bit daunting when making paint choices for your property.  Here, we wanted to share some examples of our recent work with clients and show how we were able to help them with their transformations.

spare bed little greene

Spare Bedroom

This spare bedroom was one of a number of rooms we consulted on with a London client, who had recently moved into a Victorian Terraced house. She was looking for a calm, bright look in the loft bedroom and this was the palette she opted for. Little Greene soft grey/blue on the walls with a darker navy blue accent on wooden side tables. White was used on all the woodwork and door for a crisp contrast.

living room blue green

Living Room

Another client decorating multiple rooms, this time gutting their house and modernising. She had bought a large navy blue corner sofa and was looking for colours to tie in - without overwhelming the room. A Little Greene blue/grey, together with a soft sage green and warm neutrals, was the palette that worked perfectly. With the dark accent in the sofa we could use mid tone colours and neutrals on the walls to pull the look together.

playroom with teal


My next client had seen an image on social media and was looking to replicate the look for her childrens' playroom. Little Greene has some fabulous teals so we used this as a starting point for the wood panelling. Grey neutrals were used on the walls and we added two dark accents in small amounts - a deep red and dark navy blue. These accents, in cushions, a rug and artwork, added a fabulous pop of colour to the room. 

pink grey bathroom


The brief for this bathroom was "contemporary with a touch of femininity". We settled on this lovely grey/pink from Farrow & Ball as the wall colour. To ground the scheme we added a dark grey for soft furnishings, then black accents on the mirror frame and accessories. This palette tied in with the white sanitary ware perfectly and the pink added colour in an otherwise monochrome scheme. 

muted green hallway


This hallway colour palette was for a farm cottage with a contemporary, but slightly rustic feel. Our client was looking for warm colours to brighten up the dark hallway and welcome guests - these grey greens were just the right combination. We used the darker green on the inside of the front door, the lighter green on the walls and warm neutrals on the woodwork and doors. Then the black green on a console table to finish the look. 

f and b bedroom

Main Bedroom

This sumptuous bedroom palette started with our client seeing one of our social media posts and falling in love with the wallpaper! She contacted us asking if we could put together a group of colours to tie in with the wallpaper. This warm palette, with slight lilac undertones, was the favourite. We added a darker pink and a plum purple as accents for soft furnishings - to compliment the wallpaper feature wall behind the bed.

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