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Colour & Nature

 In this Spring feature we have created 10 Colour Boards highlighting the colours in a plant or flower - and showing how they can be represented in your home through paint choice. All the details of these Colour Boards can be accessed via our Online Store - just click on the image to get you there.

pink and red
green and grey neutral
green and blue
pink and purple
blue and peach
pink and grey
green grey
green and warm neutral
Mood board parma grey and stiffkey blue and nature.jpg
green and aubergine

Marguerite daisy     SKU145

A fabulous combination of Farrow & Ball pink and red, paired with dark charcoal and Scandi greys. This dramatic palette would make an instant impression in a hallway, or use it to add colour to a bedroom. You could use any of the 3 darker tones for a feature wall.

Green Palm Leaves     SKU115

For a more contemporary look pair the very dark green/black accent with the lighter greens and this will ground the space. I've included two warm grey/beige neutrals to tie in with the greens. Use bold palm wallpaper or artwork with architectural greenery to compliment. 

Blue grey Agave     SKU105

A fabulous combination of sage green and grey blue using Farrow & Ball colours. You have options of which colour to use as the dominant theme within your room - then complete the look with warm neutrals. A lovely palette for a living room, hallway, study or kitchen.

Anemone Wildflowers     SKU121

A fabulous combination of pinks and purple - perfect for a bedroom, bathroom or living room. The pinks graduate in shade towards the darker purple  - all these colours work well together to form a cohesive look. 

A soft, warm and wonderfully feminine palette.

Peach Ranunculus     SKU144

A fresh combination of blues, greys and a warm, soft terracotta by Farrow & Ball. Blues on their own can sometimes look a touch cool - by adding this lovely terracotta you can add warmth to the look without the colour becoming overwhelming. A small accent is often enough.

Pink Blossom     SKU102

Three gorgeous Farrow & Ball pinks paired with a dark, lead grey to contrast. This palette would work well in a bedroom, bathroom or even a cosy snug. The pinks are not saccharine sweet, but feel very grown up, creating a wonderfully stylish look to a room.

Green grey Agave     SKU196

These two soft, muted grey/greens work well with the darker grey accent and the grey neutrals. A possible palette for a bedroom, laid back living room or kitchen/diner. This is a very natural palette, with the colours coming from nature, creating a relaxed, organic look.

Honesty Seeds     SKU114

A wonderful pairing of greens with warm, red-based neutrals - all from Farrow & Ball. If you would like a neutral scheme with a pop of colour - you could use this in a bedroom. Alternatively, use the greens as a bold statement on walls, painted woodwork, furniture or radiators.

Delphinium     SKU104

If you are looking for a navy blue/light blue combination you can't get much better than this palette of Farrow & Ball blues. A darker blue can help to ground the lighter colours in a room - choose a blue use in your room depending on how dark/light you would like to go. 

Hellebore     SKU116

A fabulously strong and bold palette of aubergine and muted grey/greens to create the wow factor! I've added a darker purple/black as a strong accent and a warm grey/beige neutral to tie in. This palette is available in our Online Store paired with a stunning wallpaper.

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