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Little Greene's - Colour Outdoors

Independent British paint manufacturer Little Greene have created an inspirational collection of images - featuring a selection of their colours you can use outdoors this summer. Their hard-wearing, hard-working, ‘exterior family’ includes high-gloss paints and low-sheen finishes for exterior woodwork, joinery and metalwork - as well as superb matt finishes for brickwork and render.

We've chosen our 10 favourite colour combinations and have created individual Colour Boards for you to look through. With nearly 30 Little Greene paints showcased - from greens, to blues through to neutrals - I'm sure you will find one you like.

garden and celestial blue sort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.jpg

Celestial Blue

Celestial Blue is a charming dusky blue/grey with green undertones. It is a nuanced colour looking more blue, grey or green in different lighting conditions. Pair with Garden - a warm, gentle green with a rich pigment - and Loft White for a crisp white contrast.

lute .jpg


Lute is an earthy neutral - very much at home in an outdoor environment and paired with natural materials. In this image we have a wooden bench, bowls and a wicker chair to add texture. The addition of Joanna - a pale but warm taupe - brings another layer of colour.

air force blue and slaked lime.jpg

Air Force Blue

This classic mid-strength blue looks fabulous on these French doors as a backdrop to the garden greenery. It is a highly pigmented colour - with a complex mix of blue and green tones running through. Pair with the warm grey-based Slaked Lime neutrals to give a soft, muted contrast.

puck and french grey.jpg


Dark green Puck is the natural choice if you would like to add a touch of luxury to your outdoor space. The depth of colour in this jewel-toned paint is remarkable and provides a sumptuous backdrop for the lighter tones of the timeless French Grey colour scales.

juniper ash and slaked lime.jpg

Juniper Ash

Juniper Ash is a warm, deep blue from Little Greene with a soft, muted feel - perfect for exterior woodwork and render. Paired here with two of the grey based Slaked Lime colour scales to create a harmonious look. Add natural wood and textures to finish this relaxed scheme.

hicks' blue and dock blue.jpg

Hicks' Blue 

One of Little Greene's most popular colours, this inky blue will set the tone in any outdoor area. The darker Dock Blue has been used on the window frame for subtle contrast, and you can easily add bright pops of colour with your furnishings for more variation.  

basalt and bassoon.jpg


Basalt is a timeless blue/black bringing real depth of character to any space. In low light it looks more black, so during the day this colour will look more blue outdoors. With its rich blue undertone Basalt pairs well with the deep ochre tones of Bassoon and earthy Portland Stone.

obsidian green.jpg

Obsidian Green   

This rich off black is perfect if you like a more monochrome look. If painting a rendered wall use Little Greene's "Intelligent Masonry" finish, which is very matt and low sheen. The warm grey neutrals of Cool Arbour and Ceviche are good partners for a minimal look.

bone china blue.jpg

Bone China Blue     

This ever popular cool grey/blue is inspired by Wedgewood ceramics. It is a highly versatile colour that can be used in many different settings - creating a relaxed, calm feel to a space. Combine with the soft, silvery grey Inox to compliment and the crisp Loft White for contrast.

windmill lane.jpg

Windmill Lane

A wonderfully soft, muted colour from Little Greene which instantly creates both an elegant and relaxed feel to a space. Paired with the burnt umber tones of the Rolling Fog colour scales, this scheme is warm and inviting. The perfect backdrop for a colourful striped fabric.

If you would like a bit more help choosing a colour palette for your outdoor or indoor spaces we do offer a Bespoke Service providing specific colour advice with your needs in mind. Do contact us if you may be interested in this service.

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