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C&T Member Area - Directory of Suppliers & Other Services

In our 'C&T Member Area' within our website, we can set you up with private access to our directory containing links to suppliers we reference for clients.

This came about as we know that once decoration is complete, our clients are often looking for new items of furniture. They might be significant purchases like sofas, dining tables and beds or accessories such as rugs, pictures and soft furnishings to complete your look. In the directory you will find suppliers' names, Instagram details and website links for each company, so you can very quickly switch from one to the other as you shop online.

Also, in this 'limited access' area, there are a number of pre-formulated colour boards, with paint names, from Farrow & Ball and Little Greene. These boards would be useful for your reference and are similar to those within our Standard Board range.

A small annual fee applies for the C&T Member Area - please let us know if you are interested in access to this area of the website.

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