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Are you looking to refresh or update your Kitchen? Or are you designing a new Kitchen from scratch? Here are some recent trends you may want to consider when thinking about various elements of your project.

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A Single Open Shelf is a stylish and practical way to consolidate the horizontal lines in your kitchen. Giving easy access to frequently used items or, a place to display some of your more treasured items of crockery. A wooden shelf adds natural warmth and texture, acting as a foil to colder/harder surfaces.

People are becoming increasingly brave with Rich Colours, opting for adventurous earthy tones and brilliantly bold hues. Dark Blues, Off Blacks and Dark Greens, particularly Sage Green, all sit happily with the growing trend for metallic accents. These colours will give your kitchen a distinct sense of personality.

Glazed Cabinets are a fantastic addition to your kitchen. Not only do they break up the monotony of repetitive, solid fronted doors, they maximise the flow of light into darker corners. Both practical and elegant, store your favourite pieces here while the reflective surfaces bounce light around the room.

The benefits of a Walk in Pantry are many and, if you have the space for one, can solve your storage problems. You will have more flexibility with how and where you store your non-perishables - you can also tuck away larger, less used appliances. Glass partitions bring in light and make the kitchen feel more open.

Green was the emerging colour of the year for kitchens - and it looks like there is no sign of this trend slowing down. We associate green with nature and find that this colour reconnects us with our surroundings - creating calm, and positivity in our home. Wooden textures reinforce this link with the outdoors.

Kitchen Island Colour - if you would like to add colour to your kitchen, but have some reservations, painting the island an accent colour could be the look you're after. Doing this creates a focal point for the room and grounds the scheme. There is also the option of painting your lower units in the same colour.

Sustainability is a kitchen trend that continues with a look like this one from British Standard Cupboards. Part of Plain English kitchens they are made in Suffolk using traditional methods and quality materials. They provide a pared back selection of shapes that work well together in multiple configurations. 

Outdoor Kitchens offer a fabulous way to socialise with friends, or to eat with family. They extend your living and entertaining space and, if you are using a BBQ, the smells stay outside! Having access to a sink, a preparation area and, maybe even a pizza oven, improves the functionality of this area.