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Farrow & Ball Colour Board B

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Product Details

A soft, muted palette of colours ranging from mid tone greens through to a light grey neutral and a dark green/blue. This stunning wallpaper from Little Greene - "Blue Pine" - works perfectly with the Farrow & Ball palette. Drawn from an early 19th century silk kimono, the image is an abstract depiction of Pine Trees emerging out of the clouds. A fabulous wallpaper for a feature wall, with any of the other colours featured on the remaining 3 walls. This board B differs from board A as you will receive extra information about the palette in the form of...

- explanatory notes on the colour combination

- information about the 5 colours in the palette

- a more concise board with the 3 main colours

- more images of colours in real homes

Our advice is - always check your colour choice, firstly on your Farrow & Ball or Little Greene colour card, and then with a sample pot. Colours can look different, depending on the aspect of your room and various lighting situations.

Paint your sample pot onto a large piece of card, or on the back of a wallpaper cut off. Paint one coat, let it dry, then paint another - you will then have a true representation of the colour.
Move your paper paint sample around the room, tack it to different walls, look at the colour in different lighting conditions and at different times of the day.

We also kindly ask you not to share any details of the colours on Social Media - we are a small company and would like to keep our Colour Boards within our domain - whilst sharing them with you!

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Our number one goal is to bring colour ideas and solutions to our clients so, if you see something you like, and are interested in the colour details, just click on the picture then add to your bag. Once payment has been made you will receive an email with the Colour Board/s as a PDF attachment. In your reply the colour names are superimposed onto the board - then you are all set to order your sample pots directly from either Farrow & Ball or Little Greene.

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