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Tips on how to style your bathroom

Does your bathroom, or cloakroom, feel cold and utilitarian? Here are some tips on how to add personality, warmth and style...

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Allt om vårt badrum _ Johanna Bradford (
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La maison Oxygen en Espagne - PLANETE DE

Think about using wallpaper in your cloakroom. Panelling or tiles on the lower half of a wall, with the addition of a patterned wallpaper above, elevates the room. As it is a transient space you can be bold! Just ensure the wallpaper is far enough above the basin to be out of reach of any water.

A patterned tile can be a stunning addition to any bathroom - they are practical too. These gorgeous tiles are porcelain, so need little maintenance, and are thinner than a cement tile, making them ideal for both walls and floors. I love the way that this tile flows seamlessly from the floor up the wall. 

Wood is an important addition to any bathroom - contemporary or traditional. It softens hard lines and adds warmth with texture and colour. Simple ways you can add natural wood is with shelving and mirrors. A wooden stool or chair beside a bath is both practical and beautiful - or try a wooden bath rack.

Using tongue & groove panelling in a bathroom or cloakroom can be cheaper than tiling and adds warmth to a room. Acoustically, wood absorbs sound more than tiles do, so panelling can create more of a cocooned atmosphere. You can paint it any colour you like and the best thing about eggshell is that it's wipeable. 

If you are going to be bold with colour use my rule of three... A patterned tile, a plain tile and a paint colour. In this image the palette is taken from the stunning floor tile. Then, there is an addition of a white metro tile on the walls and some lovely warm wooden units to add another dimension to this bathroom.

Use "normal" furniture in your bathroom. It is possible to convert a cupboard into a vanity unit - adding all that storage space below. I particularly love this unit as it has vented doors to allow the air to circulate. Tallboys with part open shelves, part drawers are great for utilising the height in a room and for towel storage.

If you have a bathroom without any architectural features these triangular tiles, with varying green shades, could be the focal point you are looking for. A simple geometric pattern, with tonal colours, creates a fabulous backdrop to your fittings. Add a basic floor tile/vinyl, with a smaller, neutral pattern to tie in.

Bathrooms are typically warm, humid environments - perfect for plants! They provide colour, texture, pattern and soften the hard edges of what is essentially a sanitised space. Plants also act as a natural purifier and improve the quality of the air your breathe in your bathroom. Much more eco friendly than air freshener.

Chevron or herringbone tiling is a great way to add pattern without being too fussy. You could opt for a coloured tile or plain white matt or gloss. If you want the pattern to stand out use a dark grout, if you would like a more subtle look use an off white. Don't use a bright white grout as it may stain.

If your dream bathroom is a minimalist, neutral look, make sure you add plenty of texture. In this bathroom the wood floor adds warmth, while the stools bring a natural element. The smooth marble sink is cool to the touch as are the chrome fittings. Fluffy white towels and silky soap bars also add texture.