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Classic Farrow & Ball blue - 3 ways

Farrow & Ball colours can be incredibly flexible when used alongside other colours within their collection - as they have been designed to work together. Furthermore, these paints have the ability to stand the test of time, being used successfully in both modern and traditional settings. To illustrate this point I thought it would be helpful to show how one of their most popular dark blues - the colour on the right of each board - can work in different interior settings.

In the first Colour Board I've paired the dark blue with a more saturated and lighter blue. The mid-tone blue is perfect for low light areas, and for rooms you may use more in the evening, as the blue tones really come to life in darker areas. I then added warm beige/grey neutrals to compliment and complete the look. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms or a snug.

Moving on to the second board we have a fabulous partnership of pink and blue. Pair our classic dark blue with a lighter, more grey, denim blue and add 2 pinks with grey tones running through. Finally we have a crisp white, as an option for your woodwork, to contrast with the other colours. This scheme would be a lovely palette for a bedroom and/or bathroom. You could use the dark blue as a feature wall behind the bed or on painted furniture and one of the pinks on the other walls.

Colour Board 3 has a timeless pairing of dark blue, warm grey/greens and beige neutrals to finish. The muted greens bring a relaxed feel, while the dark blue adds a strong contrast of colour. This palette would work well in a living room, hallway, home office or kitchen. If you were to use these colours in a kitchen you could use one of the greens on the units, the blue on your island or a large cupboard and then one of the neutrals for the walls.

So there we have it - one classic blue featured in 3 very different schemes. If you are a little brave with colour - you can decorate with exciting combinations and elevate your look to another level. Details of all 3 of these palettes, and many more, are available via our Online Store within our website. Do have a look if you need some different ideas and inspiration - whether you are searching for a palette for one room, a floor or a whole house!

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