De Nimes and pink tones...

I love all the new Farrow and Ball colours, but, this combination must be my favourite. De Nimes and Sulking Room Pink work beautifully together to create this relaxed, modern look. De Nimes is described as a "quietly elegant blue - wonderfully down to earth". Sulking Room Pink as "a muted rose pink with enormous warmth, its powdery feel makes it incredibly soft and easy to use with complementary tones". The other pinks here are in the wallpaper - Farrow and Ball's "Helleborus" - they have combined Peignoir with Calamine to create this stunning maximalist design. You could choose one of the pinks as your main colour or the De Nimes blue and use the pink as an accent. Whatever you decide, bring some colour and pattern into your home to add interest, but above all, style...!

De Nimes & Sulking Room Pink

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