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Farrow and Ball Neutrals

Farrow and Ball Easy Neutrals and Hague Blue

If you don't like too much colour, but, are not a fan of magnolia, why not look at Farrow and Ball's "Easy Neutrals"? This group of four neutral paint colours have their roots in the Gustavian palette - not too cold and not too warm - understated, simple and calm. The colours range from a medium grey through to a strong white - one decorating option is for a lighter shade on your walls, darker on any woodwork and the lightest white on the ceiling. I have included a "pop" of colour with the addition of Hague Blue - a deep, dark blue - an enduring favourite. The fabulous Chiltern footstool is by Conran - classic, practical and so stylish. The mirror by Nordic House has that Scandi feel as do the cushions and throws. Just remember to add natural wood and metal accents - these will provide contrasting texture and tones.


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