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Farrow and Ball rustic neutrals...

As I write, today is the autumn equinox - the day where there is an equal amount of light and dark for everyone on the planet. The word equinox actually means "equal night" - it is the time when the Sun crosses the celestial equator going south. It is a time to think about balance in our lives too - whether we are content with the way we spend our free time - whether we have enough? With this in mind I have created a mood board themed "Rustic Retreat". I have tried to capture that feeling of lighting a candle and getting cosy under a woollen blanket. Maybe warming up with a hot bowl of soup after a bracing walk outside. The simple grey tones of Farrow and Ball's easy neutrals, together with their ever popular colour "Down Pipe", work perfectly together with the natural elements in this scheme. The addition of textures with soft throws and cushions, bare wood and smooth ceramics, transform this retreat into a welcoming escape. There is time to stop, read, think - look at the view - time to breathe. I hope you can find your "rustic retreat" - whether it's a garden shed or a remote cabin - find that place and restore balance in your life...

Farrow and Ball rustic retreat


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