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Farrow & Ball greens - which to choose?

If you are finding it impossible to choose a paint colour for your home - have a look at our Colour Boards for some inspiring combinations.

At Copper & Teal we have a curated collection of 100 Colour Boards featuring Farrow & Ball and Little Greene paint colours. There are 6 easy to use sections - Blues, Greens, Pinks, Neutrals, Little Greene paints and 11 New Farrow & Ball colours from 2022. Once you have selected a section, and accessed the page, all the main images are similar - like the examples below - allowing you to make quick comparisons between different colour palettes.

The classic greens featured on these 6 boards are some of Farrow & Ball's most popular paint colours. Muted, calm greens with notes of blue and grey running through. As you can see, they can be used with other dark accents, like blues and dark green, or with lighter greens and warm neutrals. If you find any of the colours too dark to use on all your walls you could use one on a feature wall, for example the wall behind your bed, then paint the other 3 walls in a lighter green or complimentary neutral.

The important point to remember is that you have options - and don't necessarily need to paint all 4 walls the same colour. You could, if you're feeling adventurous, paint your main colour on the ceiling and the walls neutral so that the addition of colour is not too overwhelming. Treat your ceiling as your 5th wall! Alternatively, you could panel a wall and paint that in your dominant colour, then add another colour on the remaining 3 walls. Painting furniture is a fabulous way of injecting a pop of colour to a room and a good way of updating a favourite table or chair. You may also want to consider painting your skirting boards, architrave and doors a colour other than a classic white - off-whites and subtle neutrals on woodwork can elevate a room to another level.

This image shows you how to view your Colour Board and suggests a general way you can use the 5 colours in a palette. So why not have a look at our extensive collection of Boards on the website? Click on the tab for "Online Store" - if you see something you like, and are interested in the colour details, just click on the picture, then add to your bag. Once payment has been made you will receive an email with the Colour Board/s as a PDF attachment. In your reply the colour names are superimposed onto the board - then you are all set to order your sample pots directly from either Farrow & Ball or Little Greene. For only £5 - the price of a sample pot - you will receive details of all 5 colours in the palette and will be ready to start your decorating project. Find us at


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