Little Greene's perfect plume...

Little Greene - Carlton House Terrace

I love this fabulous wallpaper by Little Greene - Carlton House Terrace in blue plume. A flamboyant peacock feather design that was discovered in the attics of this London town house overlooking The Mall. The wonderful splash of pink in its feather provides an anchor for the print and gives it definition. Little Greene coordination paint colours I've used are - Hicks' Blue, Mischief and Portland Stone. The pink "Mischief" is an exiting mix of magenta and violet creating this glamorous colour. Use it as an accent in your scheme, perhaps with cushions, in a rug or a vase. I would use the dark Hicks' blue on skirting boards and, if you're brave, on doors - then one of the neutral tones on any walls without wallpaper. A classic British design that will bring colour and vitality to your home.

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