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Overwhelmed by colour choice?

Updated: Mar 28

Do you find it difficult to choose colours for your home? Is there just too much choice? Or do you struggle to find colours that will work together to create flow in your home?

This is where Copper & Teal can help. We create bespoke Colour Boards taking in consideration the colours you like, the aspect of a room, any architectural features and your furniture. We then present you with a personalised colour palette for your room, including advice on paint finishes, and ceiling/woodwork colours.

In this example, our client had an existing large navy blue sofa in her Living Room and was looking for colours to tie in with it - without dominating the room. We chose the sofa as the darkest colour in our palette and used a Little Greene blue/grey together with a soft sage green to act as a foil to the darker, more saturated blue. We added warm neutrals for the ceiling and woodwork and used the two mid tone colours on the walls. This resulted in a fabulously warm and inviting look, and one where we could take the neutrals and mid tone colours through to other rooms in the house.

In this second example we were asked by our client to create a sumptuous bedroom palette to work with this stunning wallpaper by Ellie Cashman. We designed this scheme using a warm combination of colours - with subtle lilac undertones. The wallpaper was hung behind the bed as a feature wall, the wall colour was the colour second from right, then we added darker pink and plum purple accents for soft furnishings, to complete the look. The ceiling and woodwork were painted a bright white to create a crisp contrast to the wall colour. That is the wonderful thing about decorating a bedroom - you have the opportunity to continue adding colour and texture through bedlinen, cushions, throws and possibly an armchair/ottoman. Our client was delighted with this look, especially with the warm, inviting and luxurious feel it gives.


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