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Teal & Pink "Bauwerk" colours

Teal and pink interior colours

I have finally found the perfect teal and pink combination - from a fabulous paint company called "Bauwerk", based in Australia. This particular teal is more blue than green, and is also quite dark, which, when set against soft, grey pink creates the most wonderful combination. Bauwerk's indoor lime based paints are best used on masonry surfaces such as render, cement and bricks. The paint is absorbed into the wall leaving a breathable surface that is protected by the natural properties of the paint. Bauwerk have a huge range of colours with designers such as Abigail Ahern creating a group of eight colours - "Inspired by Nature" - and Hans Blomquist's range of nine colours called "Northern Light". They have stockists in the UK so it is possible to order paint and samples. Do have a look at their website as the collection of colours is truly inspirational. If you would like to see my teal and pink colour board, with the addition of two Farrow and Ball colours, have a look at our website or Instagram account. Please contact us at Copper and Teal if you have any questions, need any details or would like a personalised colour board yourself...


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