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Winter & Christmas Candles

If you are thinking of purchasing candles this Christmas, as a gift or for your home, look no further. We have a carefully researched and curated shortlist of 10 companies and their Winter candles - all made in the UK. Indulge in the warmth and atmosphere of these incredible scents.

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The White Company's founder, Chrissie Rucker, created the "Winter" candle over 21 years ago. It is now loved all over the world and often described as ‘the scent of Christmas.’ A magical combination of spicy cinnamon, rich warming clove and fresh zesty orange - a classic, timeless candle for this time of year.

Grounding, nostalgic and warm - the "Frankincense & Myrrh" candle by Handmade Candle Co. is "like wearing a blanket of all your favourite Christmases in one". The scents of smoky incense, frankincense, myrrh and amber are hand poured into apothecary jars that can be upcycled and used again.

The "Last Light" candle by The Botanical Candle Co. is a wonderful blend of sweetness and spice of Christmas, together with a freshness from rosemary. When the night sets in let these rich, spicy aromas fill your space. There is also a beautiful gift box containing a trio of candles - First, Half and Last Light.

The "Fireside Glow" candle by Noble Isle is perfect for that extra special gift. These spicy, woody aromas, in the renowned Fireside fragrance, capture the warmth of fiery embers on a winter’s day. The distinctive scent evokes smoky undertones of burning logs and warming spices - a welcoming scent for any home.

Bringing the smell of a Scandinavian pine forest into your home, Handmade in Harpenden's "Norwegian Spruce" scent blends rich, woody notes of pine, and refreshing, citrus tones of resinous fir, with hints of sweet, herbaceous heather. It will  smell as if you have a real Christmas tree in your home!

Jo Malone's candles are handcrafted in a converted dairy in the rolling South Downs, where each passes through skilled artisans’ hands. Their aromatic "Pine & Eucalyptus" candle is a Limited Edition or the classic "Pomegranate Noir" and "Fig & Cassis" candles may be the perfect gift for someone special.

The "Enchanted Forest" candle by Chase & Wonder is presented in a reusable ceramic vessel with a luxury gift box. Evoking ancient woodland, dappled sunlight, wild fauna and the rich scent of oak. Imagine aromas of cedarwood, smoked oak, birch and moss filling your home this Christmas - transporting you to the forest...

Recreate the crispness of a winter scene with this earthy, verdant scent from Plum & Ashby. The "Cedarwood and Pine Needles" candle has been developed specifically to enhance the natural fragrance of your Christmas tree. It is beautifully packaged making a lovely gift with no need even to wrap - just add a bow.

The "Shinrin-yoko" candle by Wabi Living is a limited-edition fragrance inspired by the Japanese ritual of forest bathing. Shinrin-yoku is a beautifully fresh and woody fragrance where scents of earthy wood and moss are combined with the aroma of pine needles and pine cones. Take in the ambience of the forest...

With notes of plum, blackberry and clove, "Spiced Plum" from Essence of Harris is hand poured in the Outer Hebrides. As the wild winds blow and the landscape transforms itself into a Winter wonderland, be welcomed home by the delightfully warming and sweet notes of Spiced Plum.