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Your Space

Looking at the spaces within your home, have you been thinking about these bigger questions?

Needless to say that we can help you think through these questions and advise you on colour palettes that could work well for your space.

scandi dining room.jpg
Are your living spaces appropriate for their use?

More than ever these days, we need to think carefully about whether the spaces and rooms in our properties are being used according to their need. The way we live has changed, some people prefer to live in a more 'open plan' environment for example. Perhaps this presents the chance to use zones of colour to demarcate spaces used?

cocoon bath.jpg
Are you thinking of adding value?
Perhaps you plan to update your home soon eg. invest in a new kitchen or bathroom, construct an extension, have a loft conversion or even create a basement or cellar room? Does this present you with an opportunity to look at your homestyling? At a minimum you will need to consider the flow of colour across the property with any new addition.
scandi style home office (2).jpg
Working from home more?


Do you need to organise an appropriate space to work within. Are more people needing to share the work or study spaces? There are ways that you can create zones within a single room which can help to define their function(s). Perhaps you also need to consider the utility and comfort of your furniture, the accessibility of your technology and even something like your video conferencing background!

amara sofa.jpg
Do you need to re-think the feel of a particular space or room?
We all need somewhere comfortable to sit and relax at home. The layout of the room is an important factor but your colours can also have a big impact on the atmosphere and this, in turn, can impact your wellbeing. It could also be a question of a change of lighting - perhaps you need to look at this in your rooms?
f and b down pipe kitchen by mowlem and
Do you need to declutter or look at your storage spaces?
We accumulate things over time and unless you are very strict with what needs to be kept, your spaces can easily become cluttered. With a bit of thought about your storage space eg. your cupboards, shelves and units, you can have a more organised and tidy environment. Have you considered your storage needs recently?
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